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Fern Exposition Services


1940 Duke Street Suite 200, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 United States

About Us

Fern is an exhibition and event marketing support provider that empowers organizations to grow relationships between their audiences and brands.

With offices and personnel located from coast to coast, we are among the top three service contractors in North America serving more than 1,100 expositions and events annually. Fern is an experienced partner with market insight, venue knowledge and nationwide relationships to help you navigate any city.

As one of the largest service contractors in North America, Fern is best known for its personalized approach to service. Our experienced team is dedicated to first understanding our client’s objectives, specific to each event, and the broader goals of the client organization. This attitude toward understanding, and then serving, extends to how we engage and serve exhibitors, sponsors, and other event participants. As a result of our personalized approach to service, we deliver the event experience and results that are the most important to each client and participant.

Exhibitor Services

We understand that organizations that invest in exhibiting at a trade show do so because face-to-face marketing is the most powerful method of building client relationships and generating new sales opportunities.

We also recognize that exhibiting at trade shows typically involves some degree of complexity. There are many details for an exhibitor to coordinate in order to achieve their objectives. Fern will make the exhibiting experience a positive one for your exhibitors through our personal approach to service.

Our Exposition Services Include:

  • Quality Furnishings
  • Floor Coverings
  • Furniture
  • Accessories
  • Custom Provisions
  • Exhibit Rental


  • Material Handling
  • Labor Services
  • Utility Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Transportation


  • Brand Development
  • Technology Solutions
  • Prop Construction
  • Graphic Applications
  • Audio / Visual Support

Exhibitor Solutions

At Fern, we are extremely service-focused when working with your exhibitors. We understand that our performance is a direct reflection on your show. With the utmost of care, Fern offers comprehensive exhibitor services from custom exhibit rentals to graphics, to installation & dismantling services. Our teams will help create effective exhibits and provide attentive on-site services, leaving your exhibitors with a positive experience and the ability to create the right selling environment.

Event Technology

Fern provides technology resources that help you manage your event and an online ordering system for exhibitors to manage their presence at your event. We also provide event technology tools that help increase attendee and sponsorship participation.


Collaborative Online Management Tool

FernExchange is an online, collaborative tool that streamlines the event planning process. This file-sharing environment syncs the show manager with every event detail, allowing for easy sharing, tracking, commenting and approving of a show’s planning and design files in one central location.


Mobile Applications for Events

FernMobile enables event organizers to connect with attendees while attendees connect with one another – all through the convenience of their mobile devices. Offering the ultimate in convenience, attendees can access conference schedules, build agendas, browse show specials and much more.


Show Site Technology Solutions

FernDigital Solutions enable event organizers to dramatically improve the show site experience for attendees, sponsors and exhibi­tors while increasing the opportu­nity for revenue.


Increase & Expedite Sponsorship Sales

FernSponsorView is an online tool built to showcase sponsorship opportunities directly to a show’s exhibitors. A customized site is built specifically for each event to help the show organizer increase sponsorship revenue.


Online Interactive Planning Tools for Events

FernInteractive is a suite of online event management tools that are designed around an interactive floor plan. It provides show organizers, exhibitors and attendees with an unmatched tradeshow experience.


Audience Engagement Technology

KiwiLive enables event organizers to provide a mobile web platform for audience engagement during and after live events. It extends the life of the event and puts the details all at the audience’s fingertips.

Fern Event Audit

Event Participant Experience Study

Fern Event Audit Services provides show organizers with a cost-effective way to learn the strengths and weak­nesses of your event and uncover new opportunities through a detailed study of the participant’s experience.

Product Information

Much of what we do is behind the scenes. Research. Planning. Logistics. Because all we want you to see is increased attendance, captivating engagement, lower costs, and success. Serving over 1,100 events each year.