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About Us

2040 Digital is a full-service marketing, communication, membership, data, business and technology strategic solutions firm that helps you navigate today’s complex, constantly-evolving digital business environment. We are specialists in not-for-profits, B2B publishers, B2C publishers, societies and associations with deep expertise in working with organizations serving health care professionals and working in the health care environment.

Everything we do is geared to transforming your organization and fulfilling its potential in a dynamic and ever increasingly digital world.

We work with you to build a relevant narrative that singles you out in your market and target market sectors.

We are your partner in strengthening your brand, developing a sustainable business and membership strategy, growing your revenues and engaging your key stakeholders.

Our work is based on trust, built on authenticity and powered through collaboration.

2040 Digital integrates the digital, analytical, technical, creative, and business assets that your organization needs to thrive. We help you succeed through creating a customized, holistic matrix:

Understand clearly your online audiences and target markets

Discover where opportunities exist

Build engagement with members, subscribers, users, customers, prospects and other stakeholders

Leverage your data to work for you

Grow your revenue in new, expansive ways

Decode the digital universe to shape your organization’s immediate future

Visit our website to learn more about expertise working with Medical Associations, Medical Societies and Medical Publishers.