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Connect | Share | Collaborate

It’s about Community, In-Person and Online.

Sengii’s Community, Event, and Learning solutions extend the value of membership and existing offerings with Online Community and software platforms.

Community is at the core of every Association.  Productivity tools, marketing automation and content personalization, intuitive email, mobile, and web engagement, and most importantly insights into your members’ needs.  Make communication a two way street. Do your members have a voice?

Create a cohesive and convenient Event experience for your registrants.  Conference app, discussions, networking, social wall, Q&A, e-materials, notes, directions, reminders, messaging, attendance tracking, badge printing and scanning, integrated reconciliation and credit reporting, and much more.  Save staff time, delight your registrants, and differentiate yourself from the competition by extending the value of your offerings before, during, and after completion.

Sengii helps you meet and exceed the high expectations of your members and registrants.



Online Community

The value of an Association membership comes down to utility and convenience. How do you know if you’re providing your members with what they need?  Online Community curates insights and creates an opportunity for discussion. Give your membership a voice to stay one step ahead and make informed strategic decisions.



Conferences, Seminars, & Meetings

Everyone who runs Conferences, Seminars, and Meetings knows how time consuming, expensive, and frantic they can be.  Not to mention the ecosystem of expensive solutions to create a cohesive experience for attendees. We’ve asked Associations what they need for a complete Events solution, then built it.  Everything you need from one vendor, fully integrated, and affordable. Simple.

We go one step further to increase the long term value of Events for registrants by adding Online Community features.  Ask questions, have discussions, and network; before, during, and after the Event!


Conference App

Our Community solution already had a mobile app, so we added enhanced functionality to allow a customized Conference App experience.  Custom menus, content, and dynamic functionality built in to make creation and administration easy.

Let’s be honest, most people don’t want to install a mobile app unless it has daily utility.  Our Conference App is fully functional in web browsers and can even be interacted with via email notifications.



Learning Solutions

Our platforms work great with existing Learning tools and websites, but we also offer more specialized solutions.  Our Webcast Attendance & Interactivity Verification solution works with Adobe Connect and Goto Webinar to prompt users at random and generate reports that can be imported into any AMS/CRM.  This is an affordable alternative to more expensive solutions that are out of reach for many Associations.




Product Information

The average American spends 5 hours a day on their phone. How much of that time is spent thinking about how valuable their membership is? Good communication is a two way street, and listening is more important. Do your members have a voice? Our responsive web app, mobile app, and integrated email platforms give your members a voice and give you the insights to constantly improve and stay relevant every single day.
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