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An established leader in association management for over 103 years and accredited since 2017, Thomas Associates has specialized in manufacturing trade associations.  Recognized for superior full-service association management, including general administration, meeting planning, financial management, website services, statistical services, convention/tradeshow management, government relations, marketing, safety programs, and publications management.  Specialty services also include management of certification programs, engineering services, standards development and code monitoring. 

Based on their broad experience in a full spectrum of manufacturing industries, Thomas Associates’ professionals bring a big-picture perspective, creativity, independent judgment, and sound business thinking to issues confronting today's industry leaders.


Thomas Associates, Inc. is an association management firm, providing quality, full-service management, as well as special services to a large number of non-competing, voluntary trade associations. With nearly 30 full-time associates, we provide a complete headquarters environment for trade groups for significantly less cost than a full-time, captive staff. We assume responsibility for payroll, communications, employee benefits, taxes, insurance, appropriate staffing, and all other aspects of operating a headquarters office

More important than running a headquarters office is the degree of industry involvement and business experience that the Thomas Associates’ team offers its clients. Our senior management and account executive team has nearly a century of business and management experience working with trade associations, representing scores of different industries. Team members synergistically use the experience gained in one association to help in solving problems confronting a different industry. Our associates bring with them objectivity and fresh ideas. They are experts in helping industry leaders adapt individual company positions that will benefit the entire industry.

Thomas Associates’ team members work directly with industry volunteers to create programs and budget guidelines that respond to industry challenges and opportunities. Once these programs are approved by the association officers or board of directors, Thomas Associates provides the experience to work out the details and see that projects are implemented and completed on-time and within budget.

Thomas Associates’ strength also lies in a high degree of flexibility needed to meet client expectations. Whether you are a small or large association, Thomas Associates can gauge staff resources to fit every client’s individual needs.