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About Us

Are you looking to alleviate some of the worries and stress that come with trying to accomplish your association's goals? MMCo is here to help! We are a medium sized firm located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that has been specializing in full service management for associations and professional societies since 1962.

We are ready and able to develop a customized menu of services tailored to provide unequaled support that allows your group to meet all of their goals. By focusing on the day-to-day tasks that can slow down progress, we allow members to focus on the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.

To the MMCo team, the associations and societies that we manage are more than just clients. We develop personal relationships with the individual members of each association and strive to help them find success. As a mid-sized firm, we are able to provide the personal touch of a small firm, while seeing the economies of scale that a large firm would experience.

The MMCo staff is made up of dedicated professionals with diverse skill sets, which allows us to provide many in-house services, including:

Administrative Services

We take care of the everyday business affairs, allowing the association members to focus on developing a successful organization and completing the objectives set forth by the group.

Financial Management

MMCo will manage and maintain all of your association's financial affairs, including monthly financial statements, budgets, taxes, and transactions.  Our staff can also recommend and identify possibilities for increasing your association’s non-dues income.

Conference Management

For any association, face-to-face interactions help drive the success of the group, and our staff will work closely with the Conference Planning Committee to organize professional, top-notch conferences and meetings. Whether your conference is a one day workshop, or an intricate multi-day conference, we take pride in developing and implementing customized plans, which allow every association to maximize productivity during their meetings.

Membership Development

Whether your goal is to increase your number of members, or to increase retention of your current members, we will help develop and implement a plan to reach your goal.
MMCo will track membership history and trends, manage member and prospect databases, and continually gather information from current and past members to ensure that we are staying ahead of industry trends and surpassing all expectations.

Marketing & Public Relations

An association must be recognized in their industry as a leader, and the MMCo staff has the experience and knowledge to make this a reality. Through customized marketing strategies, MMCo can build and maintain strong brand recognition for clients. We have the capabilities to publish or arrange for the publication of newsletters, trade journals, training guides, industry standards, meeting promotions, direct mailing pieces, and any other publication that your association may offer.

Our marketing team will also make sure your association is utilizing the newest forms of technology effectively and efficiently. We will help manage your association’s content through the use of webinars, eUniversities, social media forums, and databases. Our team also has the capabilities to perform in-house graphic design, photography, videography, and more.

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