Mickie Rops
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Pres & Principal Consultant

Mickie Rops Consulting LLC


14728 Chamberlain Drive, Westfield, Indiana 46074 United States

About Us

With over 20 years of experience guiding hundreds of clients, we specialize in certification, certificate programs and micro-credentials. We can lead your association in navigating the options and identifying a credentialing strategy; creating a competency model; developing governance systems and policies; auditing and making recommendations for improvement; and preparing for accreditation (for standards, certification or certificate programs).

MRC's team is uniquely qualified to guide associations in meeting credentialing industry standards and achieving accreditation. Two team members, including Mickie Rops, are among only 24 professionals in the U.S. qualified and serving as assessors for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), assessing certification board compliance to the ISO 17024 certification standard and ANSI accreditation requirements.  Four team members are among only 18 professionals in the U.S. qualified and serving as assessors for ANSI, assessing certificate issuer compliance to the ASTM E2659 certificate program standard and ANSI accreditation -- and Mickie Rops is the national lead on the certificate program standard.

We can provide comprehensive services, such as a full audit of your programs against industry standards or a practice analysis study to form the basis of your credentialing exam -- or we can simply be your credentialing coach on the side, offering guidance just when and where you need it on an hourly basis. Either way, you can rely on us to help your association make the right credentialing decisions.