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About Spectra Diversity

Spectra Diversity began as an idea in 2015 and was officially launched in 2017. Our diversity inclusion experts and founding partners saw a gap in the current diversity and inclusion data collection methods which either measured an organization’s culture or employees and leaders with that organization. We closed that gap with the Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment™ which measures both.

Spectra Diversity’s primary product, the Spectra Assessment, is statistically validated – which means it has gone through a rigorous factor analysis.

Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment

The only way to see the whole diversity and inclusion (D&I) picture is by gathering the full gamut of diversity and inclusion metrics. But most D&I assessments only give you part of the picture. The Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment™ is the only validated D&I assessment that enables you to measure both individuals as well as the entire organization.

The Spectra Assessment is designed to help encourage conversation and facilitate education on diversity and inclusion. When organizations use the Spectra Assessment, employees are asked to complete a series of questions about the organization and themselves. This results in an Individual Report about the employee’s beliefs and interpersonal skills related to D&I. In addition, employees answer questions about the organization’s management, culture and practices, policies and procedures which produces an Organization Report.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

As diversity inclusion experts, our Founding Partners also recognized an opportunity to assist D&I training facilitators with innovative training materials focused on how to interpret Spectra Assessment data as well as inclusion skill building. This resulted in our second product – the Spectra Diversity Facilitation Kit.

The Spectra Diversity Powering Inclusive Cultures Facilitation Kit asks what an organization is willing to do to be more inclusive, and provides Five Simple ABCDE Actions to help individuals get there:

1. Acknowledge unconscious bias

2. Be present and pause

3. Consider the other person’s point of view

4. Determine what to do differently

5. Engage others through dialogue

The Spectra Assessment, coupled with enhanced data analysis and followed by diversity and inclusion skills training, can move an organization forward.

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