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Association Development Group


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About Us

ADG is celebrating its 25th year as a woman-owned business serving state, national and international nonprofits and associations. Informed by our deep experience serving clients across this spectrum, we understand the positive impact associations have on our lives and communities. Whether your needs are for full-service association management, event planning or creative, ADG is where non-profits and associations go to get things done.

Association Management:

Our clients, who vary in size and scope, include local, state, national and international organizations. ADG’s goal in every case is to build long-term, productive relationships that advance the association’s mission, while consistently helping leadership teams meet goals and exceed member expectations.
Nonprofits and associations working with ADG leverage can expect to leverage our industry-leading strategy, marketing and management teams to benefit from innovative creative services, results-driven marketing, full-service event management, enriched educational programming, expert membership management, achievable strategic plans, and professional financial administration. Our unique team structure includes an executive director, membership coordinator, financial manager, communications director and event planner.

As your professional staff, we help you grow your revenue and successfully achieve your objectives through comprehensive strategic plan development and execution, governance oversight, mission driven member services, and operational efficiency. ADG’s adept management of day-to-day operations is why non-profits and associations come to us to get things done.

Strategic Business Planning:

As organizations evolve, so must their strategic plans. As a nonprofit or association committed to advancing your mission, you know that you must set aside time to assess where your organization is today, evaluate its current strengths and identify opportunities to determine the right path to future success. Often, time and resources are the headwinds preventing organizations from creating a compelling strategy that will become the starting point for renewed growth and energy.

ADG provides strategic planning services to both managed and non-managed clients that help their organizations “live” their strategic plans. Successful strategic plans are living documents that should be continually referenced, resourced and updated. We help you focus board and committee meetings around the development and execution of your strategic plan.

Our process includes interviews with key players, board and stakeholder surveys, and interactive SWOT analysis. The data gathered at each stage of the process informs the development of a practical strategic plan designed to focus and guide the board in meeting the identified short- and long-term strategic goals. The hardest part of strategic work is implementation. ADG’s strategy, marketing and communications plans are designed to keep leaders and staff on track as they monitor and guide progress.

Governance Consultant:

We consult with many professional trade associations seeking to transition to new organizational and governance structures. Our governance experience positions us to assist clients with creating and updating bylaws, policies and procedures. We are a trusted partner for organizational start-ups, executive staff changes, leadership development and mergers. We appreciate first-hand that there is more than one way to build a sound organizational structure.

Our process can include an assessment of the Board of Director and Committee positions and roles to evaluate operational efficiency. We will review policies to determine if they are adequate for the work at hand, identify relevant regulations for key areas, and determine any updates that may be needed. We then evaluate procedures to ensure they align with the policies, or recommend modifications be implemented to achieve organizational goals.

Member Services:

ADG understands that engaged members are the foundation of your organization. Associations and nonprofits benefit from our direct knowledge of best member service practices and deep experience in executing successful iniatives as they look to build on that foundation. We have helped many organizations develop new programs to deliver expanded value to members including young professional development, mentorship, volunteer and leadership recognition, member marketing, thought-leadership, and more.

We have experience in spearheading membership recruitment and retention campaigns that showcase the value of membership to drive the acquisition of new members as well as renewals. Our internal processes enhance operational efficiencies and ensure that members receive the best quality of service when additional support is needed – be it registering for an event, renewing their membership or navigating the organization’s website. As the frontline face of your organization, our passion for helping your stakeholders is displayed in each interaction.

Communication Services:

A strategic communications plan is vital to effectively tell your association or non-profit’s story, ensuring that all stakeholders are unified behind a core message that clearly and succinctly differentiates your organization. It’s also vital to increasing awareness of your brand, mission and values outside of your organization to attract new members, volunteers and supporters.

Creating your brand and marketing plan includes: the identification of core strengths and areas of growth potential; developing marketing elements and communication tools to reach targeted audiences; and having a marketing strategy to spread the message uniformly to target audiences or current and potential consumers.

Our comprehensive communication assessments include an executive summary, market position synopsis, core plan elements including your brand narrative, structuring an actionable plan, step-by-step execution instructions and a sample plan. Additional services include the development of social media strategy, marketing plans, annual content calendars and more.

ADG specializes in developing compelling messages and corresponding marketing plans that drive audience engagement. We believe that good two-way communication is the foundation on which we all move forward and grow. As such, ADG focuses on delivering top-notch communications with members and volunteers, as well as the public at large.

This is work we do every day in every core area listed. We never tire of it — ADG team members all share a passion for organizational management, member service and communication. Whether you choose to leverage the talents of our full-service Association Management Teams or activate our expert Project Management Teams (creative services, web and digital marketing, event and meeting management, and strategic consulting), we promise to deliver superior outcomes for your organization. When you need to engage your members, advance your mission and move your priorities forward, ADG is where non-profits come to get things done.