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When is the last time you heard someone say: “I just came from a great meeting!” A great meeting stays on track, is fair, and reaches clear decisions. Our consultants are experts in all aspects of great meetings: parliamentarian meeting services, governance documents analysis, and leadership coaching and training. In addition to great services we have developed outstanding resources – including the Magic Gavel®, the Robert’s Rules app.

Parliamentarian Meeting Services: Robert may have written the rules, but we know how to customize them for your meetings. We know what works and what doesn’t. We prevent the preventable and plan for the unexpected, by providing custom scripting for the presiding officer and committee chairs, delegate materials, orientation, and training. We’ll also help create and edit minutes.

Governance Documents: Sometimes the problems aren’t caused by the personalities, but by the structure itself. A governance documents analysis will identify potential problems with your organizational structure and flow of authority. The report will note formatting that makes the document difficult to read, edit, or understand; content issues where there is more detail than necessary or important items are missing; and conflicts or imprecise language that are waiting for just the right circumstances to cause chaos. Once the analysis and report are complete, we guide our clients through updating and amending their bylaws and other policies.

Leadership Training: We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well, whether it’s serving as a delegate or director, running a meeting, or taking the minutes. It’s impossible to be strategic when your brain is mired in processes and procedures. Giving stakeholders more comfort with the basics frees them to elevate their thinking. We provide leadership development workshops for all meeting stakeholders: boards, members, delegates, officers, and directors. We offer customized training, speak at leadership training conferences, conduct topic-specific webinars, and provide one-on-one coaching for officers regardless of experience level.

Short-Notice Elections: When there’s an election for fewer than 100, we send, monitor, collect, and tally ballots in accordance with your rules and customized to your needs. We can respond quickly when filling a vacancy is critical and time-sensitive.

Resources: In addition to the Magic Gavel®, we have also developed outstanding resources for when we’re not there. Snippets are free, one-page articles about meetings, leadership, or parliamentary procedure. A new snippet is released every month – sign up for our snippet reminder mailing to be the first to see the new snippet.

The Great Leaders Series are role-based eBooks (also available in the original spiral bound format) that give the chair, member, secretary, or treasurer the basics they need to succeed in their positions.

We never forget that our name is our mission. Perhaps it’d time to plan a great meeting of your own.

Magic Gavel® Basic is easy to use. To calculate the latest date notice can be sent, simply enter the date of the meeting and the number of days’ notice required, and the latest notice date will be shown. Calculate a quorum by entering the required ratio (majority, percentage, or fraction) and the base number (total number of members on which the ratio is based). The quorum calculator will tell you the minimum number required for a quorum. Know in an instant whether a motion passed by entering the number of votes in favor and opposed. Then, set the base number by selecting the number of votes cast or some other number, such as the total number on the board or in the room. The vote calculator will give you the number needed for a majority, two-thirds, or any percentage or fraction you set. Set the speaker timer to ensure everyone has the same opportunity to speak.

Quickly find rules for the most common motions by touching the “Motions List” button. Tap on the chosen motion to reveal three buttons. The member button tells the member what language to use to make the motion, the chair button gives the language for the chair in processing the motion, and the info button provides information about that motion, such as whether it needs a second, is debatable, and the vote required to adopt. The suggested language is consistent with the two most commonly-used parliamentary authorities, Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) and American Institute of Parliamentarians Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure (AIPSC). You can set a default parliamentary authority and then toggle between the two for their unique rules.

Additional helpful information is included for planning the meeting, such as agenda development advice and minutes suggestions. Suggested language for the chair includes calling the meeting to order, recognizing speakers, handling motions and reports, and adjourning the meeting.

You can get more information about Magic Gavel® basic at, available for Apple and Android.

Product Information

When do we need to send notice? Is there a quorum? What vote is required? Did the motion pass? What do I say? Was it two-thirds? Magic GavelĀ® Basic is like having your own expert in your pocket. Best of all, it is self-contained; no Internet connection is required. Magic GavelĀ® basic is always ready with answers to your parliamentary questions, no matter what your position: president, officer, director, trustee, delegate, member, attorney, parliamentarian, executive assistant, or other adviser.
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