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About Us

At JDG, we realize that associations and non-profit organizations each have their own unique culture, each bringing a different set of needs to the table when searching for leadership. The thread that connects our work with each, however, is understanding the need to recruit individuals effective and comfortable in a collaborative environment - professionals able to take personal fulfillment from group achievement.

Both association and non-profit organizations bring together individuals and other interested parties to advance goals that are best achieved through the combined efforts and resources of a group of stakeholders. Associations promote the professional and business interests of their memberships, while non-profit organizations work in an increasingly complex world to address social issues and goals, and to meet philanthropic needs.

Balancing the demands of staff, volunteers and donors is a huge undertaking and the success of these organizations depends directly on the dedication and skills of their leadership. JDG s commitment to learning and understanding a client s mission allows it to create rewarding partnerships in both associations and non-profit organizations. Recruiting talented, compatible and highly-effective candidates focused tightly on the client s needs, interests and goals is what we do.

To learn more information about JDG s association practice please go to http://jdgsearch.com/practice-areas/assoc/.