Will Alvey
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Vice President, Sales and Industry Relations
Tiffany Ball
(301) 306-6254 | email
Senior Sales Executive, Events
David Solsbery
(301) 306-4754 | email
Vice President, Creative Services
Caitlin Samples
(301) 306-4730 | email
Manager, Exhibit Sales Operations
Kari Bumford
(301) 306-4715 | email
Sales Administrator
Becky Wilcox
(301) 306-4679 | email
Proposal Manager
Dan Cole
(301) 306-4755 | email
Senior Vice President, Trade Shows
Ron Bracco
(301) 306-4616 | email
Vice President, Events



1 Hargrove Drive, Lanham, Maryland 20706 United States

About Us

Hargrove is a full-service provider of customized experiential environments, creating face-to-face experiences for many of the world’s most recognized associations, corporations and government agencies.

Using creativity, innovation and a passion for storytelling, we design and build immersive experiences for events, marketing activations, expositions and exhibits.

With over 70 years of industry experience and a dedicated team that ensures success, we deliver solutions that  inspire audiences and exceed client expectations.

We would enjoy the opportunity to work with you on designing your next experience!