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For over 25 years, Membership Cards Only has been the leader in providing all types of membership cards to ASAE Members. MCO produces both Hard Cards (like credit cards) as well as thinner, Laser/Digital Compatible Plastic and Paper cards that come Affixed or Built into a Carrier Sheet. We also provide imaging and mailing services. See below for a more detailed summary of our Products and Services that best fit your needs.



These are still our most popular products because of their FLEXIBILITY. Typically, these Pre-Printed Shells are delivered to our clients (or their favorite Lettershop) with Cards already affixed to sheets, ready to run through their Laser or Digital Imaging equipment. OR, if you need to mail to a larger group than you can handle internally, we will mail the large one, and send you the balance for ongoing mailings.   And, if you want to hand off the entire project, we will print, image, and mail for you. Another advantage is that you have a Guaranteed Match…..a personalized letter with matching personalized card, all in a nice looking and efficient piece. Formats include 1/2/3/6 cards per sheet…..very flexible! These can also come BLANK if you have a high color printer and want to create everything yourself.



The advantages of these hard cards are their durability, and they typically hold the imaging more permanently, so if you need a bar code/QR Code, or want to give Life Cards that you want to only replace every few years, this may be the direction for you. The disadvantages are they need specialty equipment to image the variable information, and the cards and sheets still need to be imaged and matched separately. This all adds to the cost, and takes longer to complete.

We find in general that as associations have drastically cut down their physical mailings over the past decade, they really want the mailings they send to make an impact. These card pieces really add to that equation!

Below are a few of our most popular formats that are great matches for the association industry:


These are pieces that build in BOTH your CERTIFICATE as well as a MEMBERSHIP CARD onto one sheet. They look great, the combine value added materials, and they can be Laser Imaged together to give you a Guaranteed Match! These are great for any MEDICAL and ENGINEERING groups, or anyone that certifies their members.



For both Hard Cards as well as Laser Cards. If you do not have additional inserts, these formats are efficient and great looking. Instead of a Letterhead in an Envelope, you can create beautiful and impactful front covers, and the insides can read as a colorful marketing piece. No envelopes, no inserting…..very efficient!



We produce this style of card for both INTEGRATED (which are built into the sheet) as well as AFFIXED Laser Cards. This is short run equipment that provides SOLUTIONS for HIGH COLOR but LOW QUANTITY dilemmas.


Digital “ALL IN ONE” RAC Pieces:

If you want LUGGAGE TAGS, BOOKMARKS, MEMBERSHIP CARDS, KEY FOBS (any  shape), you can combine any or all of them onto these Value Added pieces! Full color, and you can merge Graphics with Variable Information. Laminates are added after print for complete protection of Data and Graphics. Really impactful!


There are so many options to create beautiful pieces, to include a membership card as well as the many items listed above. Please feel free to check out these options at, or call at 800-77CARDS (which is 800-772-2737)!