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Factum Global


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About Us

Factum Global is an international consulting firm dedicated to helping associations and businesses expand globally. Going global is not a destination, it’s a bridge to limitless opportunities. The opportunities are revenue, brand, membership growth and the ability to impact more communities and people. We help you develop a strategy to transform and grow to discover these opportunities.

Factum Global’s team is composed of senior-level executives who have extensive experience and insider knowledge. They serve as an extension of your team. Our company model allows for a personalized and high-touch executive level service offering competitive pricing.

Strategically headquartered in Washington, D.C., with a presence in New York, Orlando, Madrid and Bogota, Colombia we are a global business with a strong presence in Latin America and robust networks around the world.

We understand that internationalization can be daunting and complex. Factum Global simplifies the process by being transparent with you, as well as building trust and confidence. Allow us to become your partner today.

OUR MISSION: We simplify internationalization for you to succeed globally.

OUR VISION: To disrupt the industry by simplifying and personalizing internationalization.


We understand the challenges associations face globally and offer solutions that address the most significant pain points. Our services include:

  • ·         International Strategy
  • ·         Market Entry Strategy
  • ·         Feasibility Studies
  • ·         Legal & Tax Services
  • ·         Supply Chain Management
  • ·         Physical Plant Operations
  • ·         Marketing and Communications
  • ·         Government Relations
  • ·         International Chapter Development
  • ·         Membership Recruiting and Retention
  • ·         Training, Offsites and Coaching
  • ·         Event and Conference Management

When implementing your internationalization strategy, our in-country network of professionals are at your full disposal. They are fluent in more than 10 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, and Hindi, and are experienced with regional customs and operating business locally.

In Europe, we have presence in Madrid, Spain, from where we operate across the Continent and the U.K.  In Asia, we conduct business in China, India, Singapore and other parts of Asia Pacific, and we have experience in Africa and the Middle East.


We are uniquely positioned in Latin America, offering a full suite of services from our Latin America headquarters in Bogota, Colombia. We operate throughout the region, having done business in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico. 


We will help you develop your international strategy to determine which markets to target or to build an operational footprint abroad. Factum Global offers a one-stop solution and a team of global trusted experts that have on-the-ground experience and function as a seamless extension of your team.

Some see internationalization as an expense. We see it as an investment.
Partner with us today and allow us to simplify your internationalization journey