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About Us

We are a boutique international consulting firm that helps businesses and associations win globally.

We help our clients transform and optimize for growth. We partner with them to build upon their strengths and capitalize on the unparalleled opportunities presented by globalization.

Whether you are trying to develop your international strategy, determine which markets to target, establish presence in new countries, understand legal or cultural related issues, or simply looking for assistance with logistics or events, our solutions can help you take full advantage of the incredible source of value creation that is globalization.

Strategically headquartered in Washington, D.C., we are a global business with a strong presence in Latin America and robust networks around the world. We bring the right people together and partner with you to challenge the status quo, inspire innovation and help you realize your full potential.


To provide the finest services and solutions that inspire our clients to innovate, optimize and transform for lasting global success.


To be the indispensable trusted partner that helps your organization win globally.


We offer a variety of services, including:

Market Research

Strategy Formulation and Execution

Strategic Planning Retreats

Training and Coaching

Membership Recruiting and Retention

International Chapter Development

Government Relations

Event and Conference Management



In addition to our Global Services, which we offer around the world, our Local Market Development services and solutions are designed to help you implement your business plan and execute on your strategy. They are currently only available within the Americas.  

We have physical presence in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico and solid networks throughout the region.  We not only speak Spanish and Portuguese; we speak the culture! We understand what it takes to do business and succeed in one of the most important and rapidly emerging economic regions in the world!

Strategy Implementation

You are not alone! While we may help you craft your winning strategy, we know that it is all about the execution. We are prepared to partner with you and help you execute every step of the way.


Translation into Spanish and Portuguese and localization of brand and messaging. We help you connect with your customer in a way that makes sense to them, while protecting your brand identity.

Local Operations

Whether you are looking to do business from your home country and need us to manage projects locally on your behalf, or you are seeking to establish a more permanent presence in a new country, we can help you navigate the local environment. We can assist you identifying potential partnerships, managing strategic alliances, building relationships with local stakeholders, or reaching new audiences.

Legal Representation

In certain markets, our team is also uniquely positioned to help you understand legal and tax regulations and can assist you with the establishment of legal local presence, should you wish to operate locally.

Whatever your need may be, Factum Global is here to assist you every step of the way. We are an organization driven by passion, integrity, excellence and a focus on success! We believe in becoming trusted partners to our clients. Our values inform our every decision, the way we interact with our clients and reflect who we are as a firm and as people. Partner with factum Global and start winning globally today!

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