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Increase revenue, decrease cost, and engage your audience authentically with Gather Voices. Our Video Relationship Management software solution enables organizations to leverage the power of video to achieve revenue-based outcomes, like incremental event attendance, continuing education participation, new member acquisition, and membership renewal. 

Video is a powerful tool and it's only going to become more dominant. And, it's easier to get started than you might think. Co-create engaging stories by empowering your members, constituents, and staff to make compelling videos, directed by you and owned by your organization, using the powerful cameras everyone already has in their pockets. Manage, edit, and publish video with incredible speed and scale. No more waiting for footage or spending weeks in post-production. Each video is uploaded instantly to your Gather Voices library, where you can edit, caption, and publish with a few simple clicks.

We're Gather Voices. We make video simple. Connect with us to learn more about how your organization can do more with video today!


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With Gather Voices, achieving more with video is as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1. Gather: Invite your community to tell their stories anytime, anywhere, using their phone, tablet or computer. 2. Build: Effortlessly produce your video content with our automated editing features - no technical expertise required. 3. Share: Seamlessly share video across all your marketing channels: website, email, social media, and more - in just a few clicks.
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