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Association Managers, Inc. (AMI) founded in 1988 by a former Senior Executive Service federal employee, offers a variety of services to associations.

Financial Management: Your association will benefit from AMI’s goal of providing financial services that include preparing user-friendly monthly financial reports which are custom tailored to the needs of the organization and its Directors, and are not mere printouts from accounting software. AMI also strives to provide monthly reports as accurate as the year-end audited reports. Year-end financial reports prepared for AMI clients have few adjustments by CPA firms preparing final tax returns/audits.

AMI has prepared budgets for organizations with small budgets ($25,000) funded by only dues and multi-million dollar budgets financed by corporate contracts/contributions, grants and federal contracts which require a variety of reports. AMI is a strong supporter of including funding for reserves (rainy day funds) in budgets to cover unforeseen events.

AMI has analyzed the financial systems of small and large associations to recommend changes in policies and procedures to streamline operations, save staff time and reduce costs.

Membership Services: Using the iMIS association management system, AMI supports a variety of professional membership organizations, with an emphasis on collecting a wide range of demographic data that is helpful in recruiting and retaining members. AMI believes it is critical to an organization’s success to have a variety of useful reports that provide data for management and Directors to understand which programs are working and set priorities for the organization. Reports include number of times a member or prospective member contacts the association for information/assistance, reason(s) for joining, reason(s) for not renewing, the most successful membership campaign.

AMI has successfully used payroll deductions as the best form of paying dues since it substantially increases retention and eliminates annual billing, an opportunity to cancel membership.

AMI also provides all services needed to hold special lunches or one-day events for members to network with their colleagues, hear from a prominent speaker, or manage a lobby day on Capitol Hill.

Communications Services: Your association will benefit from a variety of communications services provided by AMI, including regular emails on news/events/webinars affecting your members, newsletters, and two page “bulletins” sent out with bills. In addition, AMI’s communications services include maintaining websites.

Sponsorship Programs: Your association needs a variety of revenue sources beyond dues and event revenue. AMI has developed sponsorships programs, which for one organization generated almost 25% of the organization’s revenue over a ten-year period. In addition to funding for small events, AMI sponsorships include training programs to “market” the sponsors products and services, sponsorships of logo products, and webinars.