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The EXPO Group


5931 West Campus Circle Dr W, Irving, Texas 75063-2606 United States

About Us



The Expo Group is a general services contractor that partners with association event managers seeking ways to grow their show brand, attendance and revenue by delivering an ever-improving experience to attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and show managers.


We are a trusted, proven association partner who will invest in your growth.


Here’s how we deliver superior event services to our association clients:


Growth-focused experience design

We’ll invest in growing your revenue from attendees, exhibitors and sponsors by purposefully designing events that do just that – from floorplan design, to strategic and creative theming to complete production


Enable affordable Innovation

We’ll enable you to affordably innovate by sharing the financial risk of trying new technological approaches to better engage all your key audiences


We’ll work how you work

We’ll invest in learning how you work best – delivering a personalized experience, unique to each of our customer’s goals, objectives and organizations


Our Client’s Champion

We fight for our clients along with the motives and interests of the market leaders, leaving our clients to say ‘They are fighting for me; if they win, I win’.


Today. Tomorrow. Together.

We have an unyielding commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations today, bringing them confidently into an ever-changing tomorrow and doing so in personal partnership – together.



Our services include:



Our Strategic Experience Design approach will create an event or exhibit experience that grows your attendee, exhibitor and sponsor participation and revenue


We design “You HAD to be THERE!” events - building unique, compelling, memorable and measurable experiences by combining visual expression, experience elements and engagement technologies


We’ll help you figure out which engagement technologies are most needed to connect with and convert your audiences: AR, VR, Touchscreens/walls, gesture-based and more


Our teams deliver a superior pre-show planning and prep experience and unmatched on-site service


Our suite of technology tools ensures the most effective and efficient show design, development and deployment experience


By managing the entire exhibitor supply chain, The Expo Group makes life easier for your exhibitors, and show managers reap the rewards from our patented process


We can provide your show exhibitors with whatever exhibit configurations they need to make the most of their show- so they keep coming back– from a custom design to a range of rental configurations


We will manage every aspect of your event, from producing your General Sessions to managing your breakout rooms to making your speakers and VIPs comfortable— all aimed at optimizing the attendee experience


Continuously-improving shows is the goal – so we’ll capture and analyze attendee data to recommend how to best engage your audiences time-after-time