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TLG Inc. aka The Laurel Group Inc., Association & Convention Management


1985 Fairfax Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401 United States

About Us

Meet Camille Cimino

Camille Cimino is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a B.A. in Organizational and Political Communications. Over the years, she has worked in the trade association industry, holding astute positions such as Convention Manager, Communications Director and Assistant to the Director. In 1984, she established her business: TLG Inc. trading as The Laurel Group.

Over the years, TLG has made a positive impact on numerous lives. With her creative talents, organizational and negotiating skills, Camille both developed and produced meetings, conferences and events for her clients. TLG enabled client attendees to explore, learn, flourish, and network.

Thanks to Camille’s skillful management and acute leadership skills, TLG clients have surpassed economic goals and achieved record level membership growth. They have record-breaking attendance numbers at educational programs, social events, golf tournaments, conferences and annual trade shows.

Camille and the TLG team serve as the force which drives communication between the Board, Committees, Members and outside sources. This has allowed them to accomplish significant association tasks and goals. “We provide stability and continuity while serving as historian, facilitator and communicator”, says Ms. Cimino.

Camille is incredibly passionate about what she does for a living. Her enthusiasm and dedication is infectious, giving her staff the passion and drive to do their job and do it well.

To be able to say that you have had some long-standing clients for over 20 years is a sign that they must be doing something right!

Full Service Association Management

From day-to-day operations to stand-alone event coordination, TLG delivers cost-effective full-service Association management that provides Boards and organizations access to specialized staff and freedom from daily operations. In doing so, your organization’s leaders are able to focus their energy on the bigger picture and advancing long term goals.

With TLG on your team, Associations will enjoy fresh thinking and innovative ideas, strong membership growth, enhanced revenues, robust customer service and a relationship-based membership culture.

Are you seeking?

  • Board of Director and Committee Management
  • Financial Management
  • Convention and Trade Show Management
  • Event Planning
  • Publication & Membership Directory Development
  • Membership Services
  • Website Maintenance
  • Public Relations
  • Surveys & Statistical Data
  • Government Relations
  • Industry Cooperation
  • Educational Programming
  • Marketing
  • Certification Exam/Testing
  • Legislative Monitoring

Conference and Event Management

Conferences, annual meetings, events, and trade shows are among the most valuable contributors to an organization’s bottom line. These activities foster and strengthen relationships, build brand recognition, and ultimately close sales.

Their incredible benefits are matched by the effort and detail that goes into their planning and execution – it’s no small feat!