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About Us

As the provider of the ASAE-Endorsed Commercial Real Estate Solution, Cushman & Wakefield is focused on supporting organizations’ success in the real estate realm. We help you position your organization to fulfill its mission.

As an association, choosing a new office entails an entirely different set of considerations than those of a for-profit tenant. Along with selecting the best location and a rental rate range, your decision should strengthen your organization’s value to your members – and help it support its mission. 

Cushman & Wakefield’s Not-for-Profit Advisory Group is best-in-class at aligning your organization’s real estate needs with these critical goals in mind. Our team members’ expertise runs deep. Many team members have held leadership positions in nonprofits and the public sector, have served as board members of policy and charitable groups, and have executed real estate strategies for thousands of organizations and agencies across the globe.

Our goal is singular: Position your organization to fulfill its mission.