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About Us

With offices in Indianapolis and Minneapolis-St. Paul, Synergos AMC client organizations thrive across the globe and in your backyard when we work together to:

  • Develop and support boards of directors and cultivate leadership among the volunteer base
  • Account scrupulously for your financial resources
  • Inform/engage via website, email, & print communications
  • Boost/recruit membership while breeding loyalty and engagement
  • Orchestrate seamless, engaging conferences, meetings and events

Delivering unparalleled knowledge and practice to your stakeholders, Synergos AMC client organizations benefit from growth-focused practices, best-in-class talent, and an unmatched resource base of people, knowledge, and infrastructure. Our approach to full-service association management involves bringing together a team of management and operations in all aspects of volunteer-governed organizations, then supporting it with a robust yet cost-effective headquarters infrastructure. 

    Synergos AMC client organizations benefit from our experience, resources, and proven practices in not-for-profit financial management. We offer not only a comprehensive set of accounting services, but also decision-support tools and guidance of monthly financial reporting and supporting all aspects of your financial operation. This includes:

    • Timely and accurate preparation of monthly and annual financial statements
    • Cash management
    • Budgeting and forecasting
    • Audit and tax coordination
    • IRS compliance requirements
    • Transaction processing including revenue and accounts payable
    • Federal and state law compliance

    Marketing and communications represents the face and voice of the organization to its members, industry, and communities of interest. But for the most successful, forward-looking associations, the traditional role of marketing and communications is being retooled to fuel organizational growth in new ways. Today’s successful organizations must be able to use marketing and communications strategically to create a strong brand and to convey and demonstrate their purpose and values in powerful, effective ways. At Synergos AMC, we believe branding, marketing, and communication go beyond the successful execution of program and campaign deliverables. Our staff will work with your organization’s leaders to develop marketing and communication plans from a full-blown marketing campaign to website content and design to effective invitations to special events.  

    • Website design, management & analytics
    • Email campaigns
    • Publication design
    • SEO
    • Social media management
    • Writing and editing

    In addition to a team of specialists in areas such as marketing, meeting planning, member management, and web services, Synergos AMC client organizations can benefit from the support of a dedicated group that is responsible for membership services including data and roster management and customer service for members and volunteers. This staff provides the operational excellence necessary to achieve an association's strategic and tactical objectives. The staff team’s handling of day-to-day, operational requirements allows your organizational leadership to focus their time on strategic and industry issues. Providing valuable back-up support, Synergos staff also follows through with board and committee members on action items and projects in progress typically responsible to: 

    • Provide front line customer service to members, volunteer leaders, and others requiring information or assistance.
    • Assist with organizational communication.
    • Support board, committee, and task force activities.
    • Process/orient new members.
    • Manage member databases and dues processing.
    • Coordinate effective execution of special projects.
    • Support board/committee meetings through agenda planning, travel/logistical support, minutes preparation, creating materials, and onsite management.
    • Maintain membership files, reports, and membership correspondence.

    An association's annual convention, event, or annual conference is often its centerpiece and the most tangible affirmation of the organization's value to its members. Frequently, this event is the association's largest source of revenue and is critical to the ongoing funding of it's inititives and activities. Client organizations work with meeting planning professionals who represent a unique convergence of talent, experience, and expertise in the following areas of meeting management:

    • Event assessment
    • Site searches and sourcing
    • Logistics planning
    • Volunteer leader support
    • Budgeting
    • Hotel negotiation and management
    • Supplier negotiation and management
    • Contract negotiation
    • Hotel room block management
    • Housing management
    • Speaker and program management
    • Marketing and promotion
    • Program development
    • VIP/speaker care
    • Registration management
    • Exhibit and sponsorship sales
    • Sponsorship fulfillment

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