John Karanikolas
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Managing Partner

Synaptitude Consulting


8300 Boone Blvd #500, Vienna, VA 22182 United States

About Us

Synaptitude creates Custom Web Software for associations. Our association clients need a technology solution that fits a unique business problem that's not on the mass market. Synaptitude quickly delivers technology systems to meet our clients exactly where they are. We leverage our reliable, proven framework to quickly deliver the right system solution.

Our clients typically either:
1) Need a new system to automate a business process or implement a new idea
2) Have an existing system that is no longer meeting their needs and requires a new vision
3) Have an existing Microsoft Access or Excel that implements an important process and needs to be moved into a top quality, supported platform

How we deliver:
1) Engage with our client to understand their unique needs and develop the vision and design
2) Use our reliable framework to create quality functionality quickly
3) Rapidly deliver functionality to get quick-wins and start driving results