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About Us

Nonprofit & Association Concentration

OSIbeyond specializes in nonprofits & associations. Over a decade of experience operating in this industry has resulted in extensive knowledge and expertise in implementing and supporting technology solutions, while considering factors that are unique to an organization such as staff culture, member demographics, and funding sources. OSIbeyond is proud to be industry partners with ASAE and NTEN.

World-Class Boutique Experience

OSIbeyond prides itself on being a “boutique” organization and providing high-end services to our clients. Every OSIbeyond client is personally overseen by the company partners, who ensure that the highest quality of standards are met. Furthermore, all OSIbeyond clients are assigned a dedicated senior engineer who will serve as their technical lead. Finally, OSIbeyond’s premier “Executive VIP” service is included as part of our Managed Services. This unique support experience ensures that any request relating to a C level or Executive Management staff, is automatically escalated to the highest level.

Managed Technology Partner

The technology ecosystem of an organization can be complex, often with multiple solutions serving various purposes, and provided by different vendors. Management and oversight of those systems can be difficult and requires the experience and an understanding of technology management.

Like the conductor of an orchestra, effective technology management requires a single source with a centralized perspective of all aspects of technology within an organization. As a Managed Technology Partner to your organization, OSIbeyond’s IT Operational Management Model ensures that all technologies are operating in a unified manner to provide efficient and seamless service to end users.

OSIbeyond's comprehensive list of services include:

  • Managed IT
  • Cloud Solutions 
  • Telephony & Conferencing
  • Cyber Security 
  • Web Services 
  • Technology Strategy 


We believe that in an on-demand world, every client is entitled to flexibility in the services they require. OSIbeyond was one of the first and few providers to offer “Rollover” of unused funds with our Managed IT Services. Any unused funds will roll over month to month for up to 12 months. This ensures that your money is spent when you need it the most. OSIbeyond is also one of very few providers that do not require long term commitments. Our service agreement allows for termination for Managed & Augmentation Services after 12 months, and for Cloud Services with only 30 days’ notice. We want our clients to have peace of mind knowing that they are not bound to a long term commitment and let the quality of our services speak for itself.

No Upfront Costs

OSIbeyond offers No Upfront Cost solutions. Migrate to any of OSIbeyond's eXos private cloud solutions or take advantage of Equipment Lifecycle Management (ELM) services to upgrade or replace your servers, networking equipment, desktops or laptops, for a fixed monthly subscription fee. 

Transparent Pricing

We are completely transparent with our pricing, OSIbeyond is one of few providers to publish our pricing online. Our intuitive online configurator allows organizations to configure their own solution and obtain pricing before ever talking to a sales advisor. This allows for organizations to compare services and costs without feeling pressured. Furthermore, as an OSIbeyond client you can have peace of mind knowing that you are paying the same rates as everyone else.  All pricing is published online through our intuitive configurator. 

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Managed IT

Managing a full set of technology solutions from different providers can challenge many small and medium sized organizations. Managing technology is time consuming, requires deep technical knowledge, and depends on specialized staff that are not always available to nonprofits, associations, or small to medium sized businesses. OSIbeyond offers comprehensive managed IT services to handle your organization’s technology operations so you don’t have to.

Cloud Solutions

OSIbeyond offers Managed Cloud services to streamline the process of implementing cloud hosting solutions so that your organization can focus on its mission, all the while knowing that your transition to cloud technology is in safe hands. OSIbeyond Managed Cloud services are a methodical design approach for a cloud solution that best fits your organization.

Telephony & Conferencing

OSIbeyond offers complete Managed Communications services for your organization. eXos Unified Communications (UC) is a fully integrated solution based on Microsoft Skype for Business hosted by OSIbeyond. eXos UC is a single platform for telephony, conferencing, video, and collaboration all in one package. eXos UC is a completely cloud based solution and does not require any on-premise equipment.

Cyber Security

OSIbeyond will provide comprehensive IT security oversight to keep your data and systems safe from malevolent intruders. We will perform a vulnerability assessment on all your IT systems and to ensure continued network security protection, we also implement OSIbeyond’s Enhanced Security Services. These services deliver a holistic approach to network security by adding multiple layers of IT security to your technology systems.

Web Services

OSIbeyond WordPress development offers your organization a complete range of web services ranging from requirements gathering, to website design, website development, and maintenance of your WordPress website. As a single source technology partner serving small and medium sized organizations, OSIbeyond delivers the highest quality web services.

Technology Strategy

Effective Managed Technology Partners provide strategic IT guidance that is perfectly tailored to your organization’s needs and goals. OSIbeyond’s Managed Strategy services considers all aspects of your technology operations and how they should contribute to your mission. To this end, OSIbeyond conducts an in-depth Technology Assessment and benchmarks the current state of your organization’s technology. We then develop a three-year technology roadmap tailored to your organization.


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Managed IT Cloud Solutions Telephony & Conferencing Cyber Security Web Services Technology Strategy
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