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President and CEO
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Avenue M Group LLC


600 Central Ave #396, Highland Park, Illinois 60035 United States

About Us

Avenue M is a full-service market research and consulting agency with in-depth expertise in examining why individuals believe in brands, organizations, and missions. Established in 2009 by CEO Sheri Jacobs, FASAE, CAE, Avenue M Group was formed on the concept of giving clients the individualized attention, expertise, and insights they need and deserve to obtain the results they desire. Since its inception, more than 150 associations have turned to Avenue M to help them solve the challenges they face and remain relevant in the future.

We have literally “written the books” on membership, business models, and member market research.  We have a proven track record of conducting research and creating better membership models that align with the changing needs of an industry while ensuring the organization has the support of its volunteer leaders. We use our experiences to help each of our clients accomplish their project goals in service of achieving their mission.

Size matters – especially when you are selecting a partner for an important initiative or research study. We have found that a team of 10 is the sweet spot that allows us to make sure every client receives superlative focus and attention from our team. Unlike smaller groups, we have the bench strength and bandwidth to handle the ebb and flow of business. Unlike larger groups, we will never assign a junior team to your project with just executive swoop-ins. When you partner with Avenue M, you get the A+ team every day.