Gary Francart
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Vice President, Sales

Altai Systems


209 West Street Suite 201, Annapolis, Maryland 21401 United States

About Us

Reach Your Summit with Altai's Association Management Software. You have a vision. You want to inspire your members, create the unimaginable, and explore areas of untapped potential. Just as a pioneer needs a reliable map, your organization needs the right tools in order to reach your destination. Our association management software is built within Microsoft’s innovative platform to help your organization achieve goals you never thought possible. We have everything you need in one business platform including:

  • Membership Management,
  • Event and Education Management,
  • Multi-Level Credentialing,
  • Member Web Portal and Commerce,
  • Marketing Integrations,
  • Social Monitoring and Collaboration,
  • Staff Productivity Enhancements,
  • Data Visualization/Business Intelligence,
  • Mobile Platform and more!

Altai and Microsoft are built for today and designed for the future.