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About Us

While adjusting to the lasting impacts of COVID-19, associations are prioritizing member value. Mighty Citizen is the branding and digital transformation agency for associations. We’re offering free consultations to help you communicate with your current members and find new members searching for community during this time. Our full suite of services for associations includes audience research, content strategy, membership campaigns, branding and messaging, website design, and much more.

Research & Analytics

Every good strategy starts with research. Our researchers conduct stakeholder interviews, develop user personas, craft and execute large-scale surveys, and perform qualitative brand audits of your competitors. We’ll combine that data with comprehensive analytics tracking to give you the most relevant insights.


We’re brand experts. We’ll help your organization rediscover its authentic identity by figuring out what your organization’s brand is right now and what it should become. Then, our brand strategists will help you reshape your image to be as dynamic as possible for your members.

Web Development

The developers at Mighty Citizen are some of the sharpest, most experienced in the industry. But more than being programmers, they’re listeners. They collaborate at every step of your project—from discovery through launch—and can therefore identify novel solutions. The result? Your website/app is sound, future-proof, and takes advantage of the very latest developments in the world of programming. We work with content management systems of all kinds including Drupal, Craft, Sitecore, Wordpress, and many others.

User Experience Design & Content

Everything we design—a website, an integrated campaign, a brand—puts your users at the center without sacrificing your goals. With Mighty Citizen, you’ll get a scalable, beautiful, user-delighting solution that’s grounded in what works. We’ll also help you manage every aspect of your content, like strategy, messaging, copywriting, governance, and audits.

Marketing Strategy

Strategy is a collection of tactics aimed at a specific, measurable goal. In this sense, crafting a marketing strategy is like balancing marbles on a plate: even the slightest movement can send everything off kilter. This is our approach to promoting your organization: balance, focus, nonstop attention, skill.

Specifically, our strategists will deliver your organization a plan. Whether it’s a membership campaign or something yearlong and organization-wide, we’ll detail what you should say, to whom you should say it, how often you should say it, and where it should be said.

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If you’re ready to set up a free consultation, contact Nicole Araujo via email at or 512-960-8085.