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About Us

The Maia Marketing Group has been helping associations and their members grow since June 1, 2000. We help associations grow membership, conferences, brands, product sales, customer bases, certification, readership, markets, engagement, and marketing and communications programs.

Individually and together, Maia Marketing Group members have helped more than 200 associations and not-for-profits of all sizes meet—and exceed—their marketing, membership, and research goals. Here’s a partial client list, so you can see for yourself.

We’re the most successful and experienced association marketing consultancy you’ve never heard of.

We’re not about being famous. We are about being fast, nimble, and able to provide our clients with personal attention, custom solutions, in-depth understanding and knowledge of association marketing challenges, and stellar results from some of the most experienced professionals in the business.

We get results fast—and we make them last.

We’ve turned membership programs around in one campaign and brands in less than a year, because we know you need results. Now!

We also know that effective marketing is the key driver and sustainer of membership growth. So, every solution we develop is designed not just to succeed today, but to lay the foundation for future success.

To us, “marketing” isn’t just about “selling” (although we’re really good at that too).

Association marketing in the 21st century is about constantly creating and delivering real-time value that is co-developed with stakeholders. It’s about inviting and facilitating meaningful stakeholder engagement.

It’s about building active, long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships between associations and their markets—using all the tools in the marketing arsenal, including:

• Membership
• Engagement
• Research
• Branding
• Communications
• Multiple media channels

Associations + Entrepreneurship

Before we were The Maia Marketing Group, each of us were non-profit executives and staffers. We “get” associations. We’ve all been where you are right now and we’ve done what you’re trying to do.

Today, we’re each successful entrepreneurs. Our companies thrive because we’re very good at what we do. And, we bring all of that bottom line, “can-do,” entrepreneurial focus, experience, and cutting-edge practice to the unique challenges of growing membership organizations in the Information Age.

We see a big future for associations, one that is co-created by associations and their stakeholders—together—and developed and facilitated by breakthrough marketing tools, techniques, and approaches.