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About Us

CMP Management is the leading provider of association management services for chapters of professional societies. We provide services that ensure our clients have the infrastructure they need to foster growth. Put simply, we help nonprofits profit.

The CMP Management Concept

CMP Management's Nonprofit Operating System(SM) (NPOS) sets the standard for chapter sustainability. An operating system (OS) is a collection of processes. A system of systems that manages elements, component, and resources providing common services for work to be accomplished in an easily repeatable and most efficient manner. iOS, for example, is the mobile operating system created and developed by Apple, Inc. for its iPhone and iPad products. Windows is another common example of an operating system that supports the functions for a PC.

In the world of business today, every business entity has an operating system of sorts which the overarching functions of the business access to execute on its mission, thereby creating value for its stakeholders. The better a business runs is attributable to how well its operating system is constructed, executed and maintained. CMP Management has created a very special and sophisticated set of processes coalesced into an operating system that is central to its operating practice. Professional societies engage CMP Management to implement and manage the Nonprofit Operating System? allowing their volunteer leadership to focus on the organization’s vision, while the CMP Management team executes on the mission.

Over the last decade, CMP Management has designed the NPOS especially for chapters of professional societies. The NPOS is comprised of a series of Playbooks, our collection of processes, for Chapter Management, Event Management, Onboarding, and Talent Management.

For volunteer led chapters of professional societies, NPOS is an answered prayer. After CMP Management has integrated the Nonprofit Operating System? into an organization’s operational infrastructure, the Board is freed up to focus on the vision, mission and long-range plans. The Board is able to concentrate on and do what it does best, work “on the business” instead of “in the business.” The CMP Management Team assumes the role of integrator, managing the day-to-day operations. The end result… GROWTH!

Professional Association Management Services

You have a vision for your organization. We translate that vision into reality.

The CMP Management NPOS frees you from the deluge of administrative tasks, paperwork, and the pressure of recruiting, training, and supervising staff. We offer stability and continuity in an environment where volunteer service is limited.   

Services offered include:

  • Executive Management
  • Strategic & Business Planning
  • Membership Services and Data Management
  • Membership Development Strategy
  • Marketing and Communications Strategy and Support
  • Financial Management & Administration
  • Board Governance / Meeting Facilitation
  • Website Content Management & Design

Association Event Management

Events are the stage on which your organization's star can shine - or fall.

A successful event can energize your membership, impact your industry, and make a powerful, favorable and lasting impression.  And a less than successful event can send your members back into the woodwork and your organization's credibility into the basement.

The point is, events are likely your most important and dramatic chance to interact with your stakeholders and the public.

At CMP Management, we have extensive experience planning, overseeing and running chapter events of all types and sizes, from annual conferences to special fundraisers.  We manage every aspect to ensure a flawless, powerful event sure to impress.