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About Us

Please STOP with all the consulting-speak-mumbo-jumbo!

If you need Google and a thesaurus to figure out what a firm is saying in an ad for consulting services, the ad is about them, not you. If you want a firm who is interested in hearing about your pain, call us…we will listen.

Do you need a strategy that works? We will help you align your organization’s strategy, culture, and governance structures to get things done.

Your governance nightmare won’t scare us. We’ve moved an organization with a two-board system to a single board system. We’ve helped many associations transform board members from micromanagers to insightful leaders who help staff understand the needs of members.

Are you considering an Association Management Company or do you have issues with your current AMC? We specialize in tactfully facilitating difficult conversations with AMC leaders.

Does your executive director need coaching? Are you looking for a CEO? Nonprofit leadership is hard. Sometimes leaders need a hand dealing with a transition, or a complex change initiative. We’ll be the backup that helps them break out. If you are searching for a new CEO, we’ll manage the process, so you don’t have to.

The consulting process does not have to be filled with jargon and gimmicks. You need real people who will gather the right data, work with you to turn insights into action, and stop your pain.

Give us a call. If we can help, we will. If we can’t, we’ll try and help you find someone who can.