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Grau & Associates, LLC (G&A) offers the complete range of association management services, a-la-carte or complete management. Our approach is client-centric and tailored for clients’ specific needs and priorities. 

However, overall G&A’s association management philosophy is holistic and based on four steps in an association’s “life cycle.” They are:


      I.          Establishment - We create associations. Before it can grow and support its members, an association must have appropriate beginnings and a clear vision.  G&A works with clients just starting out and those revisiting their roots to:  formulate missions and visions, create appropriate legal entities, and identify and prepare leadership.


    II.          Development – We support associations.  Once an association is established, its members must come together and dig deeper to develop the organization’s framework; the rules and protocols directing its activities.  G&A works with nascent groups and those needing to revamp their frameworks to:  formulate bylaws, build membership structures, develop dues structures and budgets, outline committees and their purposes, draft governance protocols beyond bylaws, and identify membership.


  III.          Management – We protect and strengthen associations.  To succeed, an established and developed association demands constant attention. Day-to-day activities and focused initiatives, such as annual meetings and board retreats, require a broad understanding of an association’s purpose and goals and consistent attention to every detail.  G&A’s core, therefore, is its ability to provide:

membership development support;

communications through website, social media, and publications support;

meeting and event support;

financial support including budget development and oversight; and

administrative support including legal compliance, i.e. state corporate reports, IRS form 990 filings, lobbying   reporting, and FEC filings; and  leadership/committee support.

  IV.          Expansion – We grow associations.  A well-managed association needs opportunities to expand and build new ways to benefit its members.  To grow associations, G&A pays equal attention to management and creating new program development and innovations for membership drives, PAC growth (where appropriate), new partnerships, and creative new income streams.


G&A minds these milestones with all its clients whether well-established or just beginning and we spend as much time as necessary on each step in the life cycle, whether it is months or years, to incorporate, establish, and develop a new association or manage and expand a mature association.


G&A’s team includes event planners, public relations and marketing professionals, federal lobbyists, membership services specialists, caterers, hotel reservation and contract specialists, accountants, and digital artists.  All are creative, innovative, and team-oriented.