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VP / Creative Director

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Encore Decor Design and Production


2223 Kansas Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910 United States

About Us

Designers and Artisans that support event planners with creative abundance and sure-fire expertise. Telling your story viscerally with touch-points from steps, to seat, to stage altogether for a seamless unforgettable event.


In our production facility, we are no stranger to working with our hands, minds and even forces of nature! Originally a floral company, Encore has grown over the past two decades. To encompass stage design and prop construction. To incorporate lighting and media into content rich events. To develop graphic media that brands any given space the delivers the message.


We are music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams. We put our noodles together and utilize all life experiences to make impactful design. We? Yes, that means you, too. Client involvement and collaboration is key to developing powerfully aligned events that echo through company history.


Where collaboration encompasses every facet of event design. This brainstorming process is crucial in covering all bases. Your specific event needs are tucked under one umbrella. One meeting that drapes everything from floor to ceiling. Imagine your next meeting covering your A/V, lighting, decor, floral, stage and even musical rider all in one! Here’s where we learn about you and you get our full team…as your team.


Inside the collective ideas and creativity gathered from the discovery session is a design waiting to be brought to life. A first step is communicating design. In house graphic rendering paints the picture your event needs. From 3D stage design to floor plans, we help put to paper what a good planner needs. Organization from experienced designers that rely on strategic implementation for the planner, staff and attendees.

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THINK ONE SOURCE FOR EVENT PRODUCTION Small enough for a creative, custom solution. Big enough to have expertise in every area of design and production.
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