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About Us

Members Advantage is a fully integrated solution for membership associations, including professional societies, alumni associations, charitable organizations, and clubs. It simplifies management of your organization with a member portal that steps a user through the membership application process, renewals, self-service and payments. Other functions available at the portal include:

o   View membership status

o   Review current benefits, including partner benefits

o   Change opt-in/opt-out status of newsletters

o   Donate and manage donation history

o   Optionally cancel, suspend, renew, or change membership type

o   Update online profile (e.g., new certifications)

o   View Continuing Education Units

o   Pay outstanding balances

o   Browse or search an online directory to discover other members

Built on the Advantage platform, Members Advantage fully integrates with the entire Advantage solution, including conference & event and world-class subscription management. It allows you to handle group renewals and to offer a vast array of discounts and promotions, including bundles of products and content access.

Marketers will be more effective at discovering member interests and behavior with one, integrated solution which incorporates both the membership and publishing aspects of the organization. Member services will find all the information they need to provide better care in less time by using Members Advantage.

The member portal is also a fully integrated e-commerce platform for selling subscriptions, entitlements, ebooks, print books, or other products.

Complete Flexibility:  Our experience has shown us that every organization is unique, so our software is designed to be flexible in order to meet each organization’s specific requirements.

A Partner You Can Trust:  AdvantageCS has been a trusted partner of dozens of membership associations, publishers, and service companies for many years. Our philosophy is to develop long-term partnerships through commitment to our clients’ success. Our reputation for quality products and services is vital to us, and to our clients as well.

Our Vision of Success: To be the preferred partner for our clients and prospects, where talented and motivated professionals, working together, deliver the highest quality services and technical solutions to an expanding client community for many decades to come.

Our Core Values:

  • We have a “can-solve” spirit---we won’t give up until we find a solution
  • You can trust us---we mean what we say and we do what’s right for our clients
  • You can count on us---we’re reliable and responsive

Innovative and Always Up-to-Date:  Members Advantage is continually enhanced to incorporate new technology and to meet changing user needs. AdvantageCS clients receive these new updates regularly, ensuring that their system is always up to date. 

eCommerce Platform:  Our software offers a fully integrated eCommerce platform which provides the following components: 

  • powerful shopping cart
  • comprehensive self-service
  • a marketing portal which allows marketers to create promotions and landing pages
  • an administrative panel for store content creation, website component configuration, product configuration, theme selection, content workflow, and widgets
  • support for third-party plug-ins such as Google Analytics, CMS single sign-on, third-party authentication, and social networks
  • all built on our REST API. 

User Interface:  Members Advantage is designed to be flexible, allowing organizations to design their own multi-view workspaces and ribbons. This allows users to see only those fields and buttons needed to perform their particular functions.           

Data Structure – Member Centric:  Our system is designed for selling multiple products to a member – memberships, subscriptions, and products. Our 360° member view allows marketers and member service agents to see all this activity. Marketers can design packages of the above components to meet a variety of marketing requirements. Bundling and unbundling, variable pricing, and internet-only products can all be handled within this flexible framework.

Member Service:  The Advantage eCommerce platform provides comprehensive member self-service capabilities, including account management (password and address changes), management of memberships, subscriptions, payments, downloads, and order history viewing. Much care has gone into the design of various customer service tasks within Advantage views for use by member service representatives. We believe that a rep should be able to access all necessary information about a member while talking to that member on the telephone and make changes in real time. Our views were designed with this in mind – to provide all the relevant information required to handle the call. Upsell and cross-sell opportunities are presented to the member on the eCommerce platform and to the rep with the member on the telephone. Rule-based actions can be established when events occur, providing a workflow structure for your business processes.

Latest Technology:  Members Advantage runs on Microsoft technology (Windows Server and SQL Server) and can be run hosted (in the cloud) or premised.

Satisfied Clients:  AdvantageCS clients include:

  • American Institute of Physics
  • The Agora
  • American Medical Association
  • Oxford University Press
  • Massachusetts Medical Society
  • Duke University Press
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  •  The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Product Information

Members Advantage is a fully integrated solution for membership associations, including professional societies, alumni associations, charitable organizations, and clubs. It simplifies management of your organization with a member portal that steps a user through the membership application process, membership renewals, member self-service and payments. Backed by a proven, powerful platform: Advantage from AdvantageCS.
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