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Spectrum Group Productions


4401 A Connecticut Ave, NW, #170, Washington, District of Columbia, Maryland 20008 United States

About Us

Spectrum Group Productions is a creative production/communication company with 25-years experience producing and managing conventions, conferences, award ceremonies and educational events & webinars; and scripting and producing video programs.

Spectrum’s mastery of design, meticulous planning and management, and unerring execution reaches audiences with on-target impact. Our annual conferences, product launches, sales meetings and targeted productions convert information into intense experiences changing the way audiences think, act and respond.

Spectrum’s videos and digital files are used as components of larger strategic initiatives — live webcasts, meetings and live events, online learning modules, or marketing campaigns. They are distributed over the internet, broadcast media as PSAs and On-Demand content. They are DVDs, both interactive and linear; Flash (digital) files posted on websites, YouTube and other social networks; digital inserts or click-through links on emails; and podcasts.

Spectrum delivers programs over the Internet using broadcast-level technologies and social media platforms that meet the demands of today’s “connected” audiences. We create online conference hubs that allow your audiences to effectively access and interact remotely with your virtual conference.

Beyond the creation and delivery of an excellently crafted message, we entice audiences to view and interact through our integrated Marketing Solutions.

Spectrum ensures each client will receive personalized service at a competitive price from an experienced team of professionals.