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About Us

Last Minute Meetings is a one-stop shop for all things Robert’s Rules.  Led by a Professional Parliamentarian, the firm combines experience with member engagement with an expert command of parliamentary procedure to provide accurate and timely advice to organizations of all sizes.  LMM’s personal touch puts clients at ease as they navigate through prickly meetings and confusing motions.


Clients of Last Minute Meetings have ranged from local nonprofit boards to international accreditation organizations.  LMM provides a suite of strategic services, including:

·       Board and Membership Meeting Parliamentarian

·       Virtual Meeting Support

·       Corporation Code Compliance

·       Convention Planning

·       Recording Secretary and Minutes Preparation Services

·       Impartial Presiding Officer

·       Election Inspection Services

·       Proxyholder

·       Bylaws and Governance Consulting

·       Workshops and Training


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